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Welcome To NorthStar Ice Sports!

2016 NorthStar Youth Hockey Champions

2016 NorthStar Youth Hockey League Champions

Congratulations to all teams for a great year.

Have a great summer and we are looking forward to more exciting hockey next year!

Peewee 1 Champions: JR. CRUSADERS #1


Peewee 2 Champions: JR. CRUSADERS #2


Peewee 3 Champions: LADY CRUSADERS #2


Peewee 4 Champions: ASSABET WHITE MINOR


Squirt 1 Champions: Assabet Red


Squirt 2 Champions: TRIBORO GOLD


Squirt 3 Champions: JR. CRUSADERS #3


Squirt 4 Champions: DEMONS #3


Mite 1 Champions: TRIBORO #1


Mite 2 Champions: JR. CRUSADERS #3


Mite 3 Champions: NCMYH YELLOW

by posted 05/08/2016
Welcome to NorthStar Ice Sports


Thank you from all the staff at NorthStar Ice Sports for supporting our facility, without you we would not exist.  NorthStar Ice Sports is committed to encouraging friendly relations with other communities which are interested in promoting the sports of hockey, figure skating and other related sports. We look forward to seeing you participate in our programs this year!

Denise Marco

Executive Director

NorthStar Ice Sports

by Matt Quigley posted 11/19/2014
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